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Keep Fly Fishing Tools

at Your Fingertips

The Grizzly Paw is the first and only fly fishing tool yoke on the market today. It securely holds a smart phone as well as all fishing tools necessary while on the water. Each Grizzly Paw is fashioned by hand at the Shack Studio, located in Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio. Every yoke is branded with the Grizzly Paw logo, which shows that you and the Paw represent the finest of fly fishing in America!

A special area just above the logo is for barbless catch & release flies; barbed flies are held just off to both sides. Above that is the ingenious, one of a kind, adjustable cell phone sleeve, which allows the fisher to not only have easy access to his or her phone, but to record video while on a river or stream, in a
lake, or on salt water of ocean flats. 

Made in the USA.

For purchasing information, contact:


Geoff Mowery

The Shack Studio


(Please be sure to include your name and phone number for inquiries.)

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