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Geoff Mowery


Geoff Mowery


Geoff Mowery is an Ohio artist specializing in original wildlife, sporting, and contemporary art paintings and prints in egg tempera and oil.

"Man can only copy what nature creates. He can never come close to duplicating its beauty. That is why I strive for accuracy in my paintings. Whether it's the texture of a raccoon's fur or the molting of a wood duck's feathers, the subject must reflect not only its own inherent character, but how it is affected by the seasons."

- Geoff Mowery

• Egg Tempera or Oil on gessoed board

• Wildlife and Sporting Imagery with Landscapes of North America

• Listed in 500 Best Contemporary Artists in North America
• National Wildlife Art Show in Kansas City (Best of Show)
• Pillsbury Invitational Western Art Classic (2 years)
• Commissioned for 12-plate limited series for Franklin Mint
• Commissioned for limited edition plate for Knowles China Co.
• One-man show at Cleveland Museum of Natural History
• Private show at Look About Lodge in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
• Night of the Grizzly Benefit, Park City, Utah

• Cleveland Museum of Art
• San Francisco Museum of Art
• Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art

Three paintings were selected by the Smithsonian Institute for display at the United States Embassy in Norway.

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